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What Are Lottographs?

LottoGraphs are a series of graphs taken from lottery drawings over a period of time. The graphs showcase the winning numbers that are actually being drawn right now in your favorite lottery game. The graphs are generated from several computer programs which were developed by the company founder,  By viewing the videos lottery players can see the graphs in rapid succession, as if viewing a motion picture of the winning numbers being drawn live in your favorite lottery games.

Why Use Lottographs?

By viewing LottoGraphs Lottery Videos, it is easy to see which numbers are winning all the time.  We show you the winning numbers using our “Unique Computer Animation Process”. Lottery Players can also see, at a quick glance, how many wins each number has, which cannot be done by either tracking the numbers by paper, or current computer programs or other methods. Become a Winning More Often Lottery Player,  See Winning Lottery Number History Like Never Before, Easily Spot Hot and Cold and Normal Drawing Trends, You’ll SEE it happening for yourself in Real Time.

See What You’ve Been Missing!

Whether you are a casual lottery player or a regular daily lottery player, LottoGraphs will help you SEE the winning numbers that are Actually Being Drawn Right Now In “REAL TIME”. Some people pick birthdays, SSN numbers, license plate numbers. Some even use computer programs and other methods to pick numbers. Keep the system that works for you, but compare the numbers you choose to the winning numbers that are actually being drawn right now . It’s easy to spot winning numbers at a quick glance so you can become a winner more often.

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Now with LottoGraphs Animated Lottery Videos you  can actually see Lottery Number Drawing Trending Activity unfold right before your eyes in Real Time


Become a Winning More Often Lottery Player,  See Winning Lottery Number History Like Never Before, Easily Spot Hot and Cold and Normal Drawing Trends, You’ll SEE it happening for yourself, SEE Emerging Trends with just a Quick Look !

Try “KENO LIVE” on your next visit to the KENO Parlor – See KENO Drawing Trends Happening Right Now in Real Time – See It Visually for the First Time In Lottery Number Drawing History!


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