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Welcome to LottoGraphs Lottery Videos

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Whether you are a casual lottery player or a regular daily lottery player, LottoGraphs will help you on your picks, no matter what type of system you use. Compare the numbers you picked to the numbers that are Actually Being Drawn Right Now In REAL TIME. Some people pick birthdays, SSN numbers, license plate numbers. Some even use computer programs and other methods to pick numbers. Keep the system that works for you, but compare the numbers you choose to the numbers that are actually being drawn . Easily spot trends in your favorite lottery games using our Easy-to-Read historical animated graphs. No non-sense, no gimmicks, and no new systems to learn. Become a consistent winner by seeing which numbers were consistent winners. It is as easy as watching TV. The lottery enthusiast can see at a quick glance how recently each number has occurred, which cannot be done with other systems on the market today that track the lottery numbers, either by paper, or current computer programs. These same Easy-to-Read graphs are used by business professionals who track trends in the financial marketplace. LottoGraphs uses these same types of Easy-to-Read graphs to tracks trends in lottery games.


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