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One Page Executive Summary – April, 2019

LottoGraphs Lottery Videos

William Lott, Founder & CEO

Caroline Kipling , Chief Developer

Sireesh  Beemineni, Sr Developer

Industry: Gambling

Launch Date: 1 July, 2019

Financing Need: $ 250,000

Use of Funds: Sales, Marketing and Further Development

Giving Lottery Players an Advantage:

LottoGraphs® was created with the 150 millions USA Lottery and Keno Players in mind. Of those, 35 Million are devoted weekly players. This is are Targeted Market.. We have taken the data generated daily from lotteries around the United States, which is our current focus, and captured it into a Custom Graphics Database Engine to create our unique animated lottery videos in real time. With our system the user can see with a quick glance the current drawing trends in lottery games and, in real time with our “KENO LIVE” Programs.  With our “KENO LIVE” product the user sees Drawing Trends  on their Mobile Phones in Real Time while they are waiting in line to play his or her next set of KENO numbers. This will allow players to adapt or create strategies in real time that they feel, can win based on the current drawing trends using our Unique Animated Historical Database Animation Graphics Engine. They can see this Information Now – VISUALLY !



Lottery players track trends in lottery numbers. Everyone has a system to play and win. Some pick birth dates, Social Security numbers, or License Plate numbers, some use Astrology Predictions and. Some use complex computer programs, while others track with just pencil and paper. The point is always the same – to gain an edge on winning the jackpot or even a big second or third prize. What if you had a way to see the Drawing Trends LIVE in Real Time as they happen at your finger tips. !!  We use Easy to Read Graphs, the same type of Graphs Financial Professionals use to track trends in the stock market – LottoGraphs helps you track trends in Lottery Number Drawings. It’s that simple !!! .. We’ve all seen what happens when a jackpot reaches gigantic, almost unthinkable levels – “Jackpot Frenzy.” kicks in, Company-wide pools are created, tickets are sold in the billions, and some lucky winners walk away smiling. LottoGraphs® aims to give lottery players a way to analyze and plan for their next big win using our Historical Custom Database Animation Engine.

See it for yourself >> Demo KENO LIVE – Real Time Data Feed Active Link Here >


The Solution

LottoGraphs® The LottoGraphs Core Graphics Engine has been developed and is currently available for the Massachusetts Lottery Games through our ecommerce web site. LottoGraphs is seeking $250,000 in equity capital to launch the product line nationwide into the other 43 State Lotteries in the USA. This investment opportunity is a Large Cash Flow, High Profit, Low Over Head type of business, with repeat sales year after year though our subscription based services. Since this is an internet based business traditional brick and mortar store locations are not required at first. But as we grow Store Fronts could be an option in the future as we dominate the marketplace Funds will be used to develop more LottoGraph features. Developer a Apple iOS  and Android Mobile Version and Marketing and R&D.

The Means

LottoGraphs® Lottery Videos are far superior to other Lottery Software Offerings, Websites and Mobile Apps currently on the market today. Our Product line is ready to ship to the Massachusetts Lottery Marketplace, which we plan to Launch around July 1st, 2019. Massachusetts has he highest per capita spending on the lottery than any other state in the USA, So it’s the perfect state to Launch in.

The Competition

LottoGraphs® Lottery Videos uses Easy-To-Read Graphs These same Graphs are used by Business Professionals to Track Trends in the stock market and financials. LottoGraphs helps you track Trends in Lottery Numbers. Our Competitors have complicated Computer Program that are Hard to install and configure and they are hard to understand, you almost need to be mathematical to understand the output these programs generate. Some have graphs but that are still static Graphs, but you need to manually update the database with the current lottery numbers. We have done the hard work for you, all the user needs to do is sit back and watch a video or animation to spot lottery number drawing trends and now for the first time in Lottery Number Drawing History, they see it for themselves right before there very own eyes. – .VISUALLY  – This is truly ground breaking news for the Lottery Enthusiast and KENO Players around the world.

Sales & Marketing

LottoGraphs® Lottery Videos could be sold in a number of ways. The most lucrative would be through promotional television advertising. This medium would not only be the most effective way to reach a large segment of the population, but would also be the best medium through which to impress the potential consumer with the product’s usefulness and unique features ‘ the  video motion picture and animation aspect of the products and services. We Call It LottoMarion. We also intend to use Social Media, Direct Response TV, Radio, and Printed ad’s to introduce Lott-o-Graph$ Animated Lottery Videos to the public and capture 1/2 of 1 percent on the low end to 2 percent on the high of our targeted market.

Business Model and Forecast

LottoGraphs® Animated Lottery Videos are purchased through a subscription service. The current pricing model is $19.95 for 6 months, that just 11 cents per day, and $29.95 for 12 months that’s only 8 cents per day. And is in line with other compatible data service offerings. We are forecasting Sales between a low of 5 to 8 Million to a high of 20 to 30 Million, selling 2 to 6 million units in the USA alone. Then there is the international lottery marketplace to consider! We are seeking $150,000 in equity capital to launch the product lines nationwide. Since this is a large cash flow, high profit type business, Profits from Sales will drive future expansion, so further outside investment capital should not be needed. Investor Exits can be worked out with both management team ??


Management Bio

William Lott – LottoGraphs™ CEO & creator is a US Veteran, a Licensed Pilot and Sr. IBM Computer Systems Engineer / Architect, he formerly worked on the original Lotus Notes development team.  He worked closely with Ray Ozzie who developed Lotus Notes and his team at IRIS Associates.  Mr. Lott even worked with the late Steve Jobs on the NextBox project.  His knowledge and experience with rolling out software applications to his Consulting Clients over the last 25 years.  He is the driving force behind this new and innovative product line.  His knowledge and experience with rolling out major products to a mass market is invaluable.

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